Get a Grip!

I was at a great networking meeting this morning where the ‘Content Queen’ Herself, Asha Clearwater, set me the challenge of creating some content about what I do; inspired by a random prop. So here it is:

GET A GRIP! Why Mind Affinity is like a toy grabber. Sometimes in life, you know what you want but it lies just out of reach. That’s where Mind Affinity comes in. I can help you by giving you the tools needed in order to reach your desires. More importantly, and much like a plastic toy grabber, the reason I’m so effective is:

I make it


Often the difference leading to success in reaching your goals is your enjoyment of the process. If you feel like you are being denied (or denying yourself) what you want now in order to achieve long term goals, it makes it a lot harder to embrace the change. If you are enjoying a journey it feels like you reach your destination sooner, right? So that’s what I do, I help you ENJOY your journey so that you can reach your goals faster! Duncan Price from Mind Affinity - helping you to enjoy yourself and empowering you to...


A big thank you to Asha for her great 4sight today! If you are looking for coaching on content creation or media visibility I would HIGHLY recommend you contact her.

Like the sound of networking meetings and want to promote yourself in a less formal way? ask me how 4 Networking could help you.

Want to know more about Mind Affinity Individual Therapy sessions? Contact us here.

Thanks for stopping by.

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