Bee positive

Did you know that bees have a positive electrical charge? 

it’s caused by the friction from the air movement and their limbs rubbing against themselves.  Flowers tend to have a negative electrical charge.

These two facts by themselves may not bee all that interesting. (Yes that was an intentional misspelling of ‘be’ and yes I realise it wasn’t made any funnier by pointing that out).

What makes those facts interesting to me is that it means bees are able to fly over a flower and are instinctively attracted to it. They can then enjoy the tasty nectar. Because the negatively charged bee has made contact with the positively charged flower the charge is now neutralised as the bee flies off. 

The next bee that comes along will not be attracted to the same flower (which has no nectar left) because the neutral charge will not attract a positive charge. The bee continues until it finds a flower it is attracted to. So what can we learn from this? 
Well, there’s the metaphor that by staying positive you are more likely to attract what you are searching for but that’s not actually the point I’m making here. The thing I find most fascinating is that the bees don’t know why they are attracted to the flowers that they are drawn to*. In GCSE level science the curriculum teaches us that humans have 5 senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell) but there are far more senses that we have including the ability to detect: balance and acceleration, temperature and more.

The subconscious mind is aware of far more than the conscious mind at any given moment. We are only consciously aware of the things we consider to be relevant at the time. For example you were probably unaware of how you feet feel until you read this sentence but it is now relevant and you are thinking about it. You were always aware, subconsciously and if there was a problem (such as pain from standing on lego) you would become instantly aware of it. It is not efficient for us to be aware of all of the complicated equations that occur subconsciously when, for example, we reach out to catch a ball. We just think about the intent to catch it. What does this have to do with my opening point about bees?

Bees don’t know why they are attracted to the flowers with the most pollen but they are and they trust it. When you have a ‘gut feeling’ about something or someone it is often hard to explain why you feel that way but when you learn to trust that feeling it can really pay off. Learn to listen to and trust yourself. That’s your subconscious helping you to make better decisions faster. Let yourself be drawn to the nectar. in modern life, it’s common for people to have forgotten how to trust that deeper part of themselves. If you want to know more about how self hypnosis can help you to reconnect with that powerful part of your own mind, click here. *so far as we have any evidence for. 

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