Mental Health Awareness

As I write this it is World Mental Health Day but here’s the thing: one day is not enough! I would love for people to feel comfortable thinking, writing and talking about their mental health experiences EVERY DAY. The more openly we talk about it the more readily we can find the help we need and the easier it becomes for other people who NEED to talk about it to open up and get the support they are looking for.

It’s great to see so many people talking about mental health today and being open about their experiences but I want to look at it from a slightly different angle. Most posts I have seen relating to this has been focused on awareness of mental ILL health - that’s important but there’s another aspect to consider: If this was Physical Health Day (which would probably just be called health day) people would be discussing being more active, eating better and looking after your physical wellbeing in general. Notice that the focus is not on diabetes, obesity, heart attacks etc. Mental health awareness events get everyone thinking about depression, anxiety, suicide etc. Now, I’m not saying that these things aren’t important to talk about. They TRULY are and if anyone does want to talk about anything, you know where to find me but... Let’s focus some attention on POSITIVE mental health. For people reading this who are struggling with mental health difficulties, forget about how you can overcome the negative and instead look at how to achieve the positive.

Not how to reduce depression but how to increase happiness.

Not how to escape anxiety but how to achieve a better perspective and more mental calmness.

Not how to deal with feeling out of control but how to gain more control and confidence.

A lot of clients that come to see me start off by talking about what they don’t want. By the end of our initial consultation we instead have a clear idea of what they DO want and therefore something to work towards rather than something to try and run away from. By focusing on what you DO want you are able to create positive expectations, you are able to clarify what you are working towards. It’s much easier to get somewhere if you know where you want to get to than just running away from where you are. And for those of you who are comfortable with your mental health: GREAT! All the more reason for you to focus on it today. Take some time to stop and appreciate what is working for you and what is going well. This could leads to you being able to make further improvements on some aspect of it but more importantly it helps you to understand what works for you. That way, if you ever go through a time where things aren’t quite as peachy, you already know what it is that you need to aim for to get back in track. you know what good mental health feels like to you. ———— So, if you are enjoying positive mental health and would like to understand how you can improve that further or use this opportunity to build on the great foundation you have I would love to talk to you about how I can help you achieve your goals and desires. If you are in a less desirable place with regard to your mental health, please get in touch. There is no commitment to work with me, I am more than happy to have a chat and see how I can help you best, even if that means pointing you in the direction of someone else.

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