Wedding Confidence Workshops

I recently launched a new service from Mind Affinity called ‘Wedding Confidence Workshops’.

If you’re wondering what that is you’re not alone. Like the many people I’ve spoken to at Wedding shows (Big thanks to Silver Linings for putting on some great Wedding fairs), you’ve probably never heard of it and neither had I until I made it up! This post explains what the workshop is all about.

How and why I created Wedding Confidence Workshops:

Outside of Wedding Confidence Workshops I help people overcome problems and enjoy making positive changes in their lives, using a range of techniques including N.L.P and Hypnotherapy. Among other things I’ve helped a lot of people with confidence, self esteem issues and stress management.

Traditionally one of the most stressful life events is getting married (but it really doesn’t need to be). Having spent time working in the wedding industry I’ve seen a whole range of weddings and one thing that makes a huge difference for everyone there is how much the bride and groom are enjoying the day. If the happy couple are actually the not-so-happy couple and are stressed; the guests tend not to enjoy the day as much either. I started to think about how I could best offer my experience to help the bride and groom enjoy their special day more. This led me to put together the Wedding Confidence Workshop.

It is a fun and relaxed 3 hour workshop. There are great advantages to doing it as a group workshop rather than one-to-one. It allows the whole wedding party to join in, creating a great support network for the bride and groom on their wedding day. It’s more fun with friends and family joining in the practical activities. It’s also a great way to help and support someone who may not want to admit they need it (maybe a stubborn father of the bride or a best man not wanting to lose ‘man-points’?).

What does the workshop involve?

During the workshop I will show you how to embrace stress and use it to your advantage. We will explore how you can reduce, manage and even enjoy (yes you read that right, ENJOY) stress!

I will show you some really simple but amazingly effective techniques to increase your confidence on demand, when you need it most. You will also enjoy learning effective and easy ways to relax and increase your mental calmness.

One of the great things about the the tools and techniques you will learn is that you can apply them to any situation where they can benefit you. Everything you learn in the workshop can be used in any setting and we will give extra focus to three big parts of the wedding:

1. Speeches.

Public speaking is (by many) feared more than death! This workshop addresses that fear in a number of ways including through the use of N.L.P. The techniques included in the workshop allow the speakers to give a more relaxed and confident speech which in turn will help the audience to enjoy the speeches more.​

2. Photos

We all look so much better when we are feeling confident. Approaching the photos with confidence will allow us to look back the wedding pictures and remember the joy of the day rather than how awkward the photos felt. Your photos will reflect positive thoughts and feelings.

3. First dance

There is nothing fun about a bride and groom with an awkward fake smile and stiff arms shuffling nervously with all eyes watching them. It doesn’t matter how good or bad a dancer you are, if you can relax then you will be able to look into the eyes of your new Wife/Husband and focus on sharing that magical moment. Everyone watching will then be focused on how happy you look and how beautiful the moment is. Imagine watching some amazing ‘dad dancing’, it’s great to watch and makes you smile. (unless it’s your own dad, then you just cringe. Embarrassing, right?) It’s not the quality of the dance but rather, the confidence and enjoyment of the dancer that make the difference.

So if you or someone you know is getting married soon and would like to enjoy a calmer, more confident wedding; contact me now to book your Wedding Confidence Workshop and make the special day even more special.

For more information or to book your workshop now (gift vouchers available soon) CLICK HERE

To find out more about Silver Linings wedding fairs visit

Want to know more about how Mind Affinity can help you outside of weddings? why not book a free consultation? Call us now to discuss what we can do for you on -07840 829 758.

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