What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis sometimes holds a lot of misconceptions.

Many people, when asked to describe what hypnosis is think of stage hypnotists, the classic cheesy image of a dangling pocket watch and the words "you are getting sleepy..."

In this blog post, I shall explain what hypnosis is for me and how it can work for you to empower yourself to make the changes you want to make.

What hypnosis isn't

Let me start by highlighting that hypnosis isn't sleep - despite the name (from the greek 'hupnos' - meaning sleep). Even the man who created the term 'hypnotism' (James Braid) realised this and sought to re-name it but by then the term had caught on.

Two elements of hypnosis

There are two main elements to hypnosis, as used by Mind Affinity, and you have actually experienced both of these to some level already. Those two elements are 'trance' and 'suggestion'.


Think about a journey you make (or made) regularly (on foot or by car). If you have made this journey often enough, the chances are you remember a time (probably many) where you got to a point near the end of your journey and suddenly realised that you were unaware of the passing of time, you 'zoned out' and habit just took over. Before you knew it, you had made most of your journey on 'autopilot' consciously unaware of anything around you.

Maybe you've found yourself waiting in a queue and all of a sudden you are being called forward as the next in line. Maybe they call you twice. "oh, sorry. I was in my own little world there" you say as you 'snap out of it'.

These are just a couple of examples of natural trance-like states which people, like yourself, experience regularly. For hypnotherapy with Mind Affinity, I induce a trance-like state, not dissimilar to the examples above, but deeper and more relaxing. During this enjoyable, trance-like state your conscious mind is free to wander and switch off, allowing me to focus on working directly with the subconscious mind delivering positive suggestions.


Suggestions are all around us all the time. This could be an advertising board suggesting that you need that new product or service, Your friends suggesting that "you know you want to" come out for a drink, your family telling other people you're the quiet/loud/funny/serious one in the family.

Some of these suggestions are easier to ignore than others, some can reinforce beliefs you have and some can challenge and change those beliefs. Some suggestions are positive and some can have negative impacts but on the surface they are all just suggestions.

As a life coach I work with you to help you and your subconscious to take positive suggestions on board and negate the negative ones (or even translate them into a positive).


As a hypnotherapist I will help you to access a deep level of hypnotic relaxation (trance) where I can work directly with you subconscious to enhance the power of positive suggestions tailored for you and re-focus your mind to empower you to make the changes you wish to make.


So hypnosis (in therapeutic terms) is a combination of a very relaxed altered state of consciousness and carefully worded suggestions.

This is a brief and basic summary of hypnosis. There are many ways to use it and many different techniques, Everyone is unique and individual and as such hypnotic experience can be different from person to person but one thing I have found is that no matter how you experience it, it is always good for you and good to you.

For more information on what Hypnosis is, how it works and what it feel like: Subscribe to this blog, follow us on social media or sign up to our mailing list. If you want to know more, give me a call on 07840829758.

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