Self Hypnosis Workshops

Why Choose Self Hypnosis?

You will be amazed to learn just how much you already know about self hypnosis and how powerful it can be to apply that knowledge in the right way. 

Who is it for?

This course is ideal for anyone looking to change or improve something in their life. If you have the desire to change something but need guidance on how to do it, this is the right course for you. Don't know what you want to change? Even better, this course will help you understand yourself better and will leave you able to make lasting changes whenever you need to without needing to book again.

Better Sleep

Improved Immune System

More Positive Mindset

Increased Confidence

Greater Mindset Control

Stress, Anxiety and Anger Management​

Enhanced Memory and Learning Skills

Greater Creativity

More Energy

Increased Focus and Concentration

Don't know that it's right for you?

Join us for the first evening of the course for FREE. You can even bring a friend.

When and where?

check out the 'events' page for confirmed dates or Sign up to our mailing list above to hear about new dates as they are announced.

Want to know more?

Self Hypnosis workshops normally  cost £799.

To see the full course prospectus and more information click below.

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