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I created Mind Affinity because I love helping people and I decided to create a way that I can spend my life doing exactly that. Turns out, the best way to help people is to empower them to help themselves - so that's what I do.

I use a whole range of techniques to help people like you be the best version of themselves. 

It all starts with a chat, in person or online where you can find out if my style suits you and I can find the best way to help you - even if that means sending you to someone else.

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07840 829 758

Individual Therapy

One-to-one sessions specifically tailored to empower YOU as an individual to overcome barriers and enjoy positive change.

There are a lot of 'motivational speakers' that do a great job of getting people worked up, feeling great and motivated. The problem is, people then get home and get back into the same routines as before. Nothing changes.



The key thing is; Change is ALWAYS possible. I make sure that everyone leave my talks, seminars and training with clear, actionable steps that WILL make a lasting difference.

To find out about upcoming public talks and events check out the Mind Affinity Facebook page.

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Motivational Speaking

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Networking Confidence

I do a lot of business networking. I enjoy it and it generates a lot of leads for me. At one of my networking meetings someone said

"I wish I could be as confident as you"

When I responded "you can be" I realised that I was ready to create my first workshop aimed at small business owners.

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Online Hypnotherapy and NLP
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