Personal Development Workshops


The ultimate relaxation session. Come and join one of our Relaxperience groups or hold your own Relaxperience with your friends, family or colleagues.

Length: 1.5 hours

Cost: Various options

Stress Managment

Make stress work FOR you not against you. Understand stress better and learn how to reduce and even embrace it!

Length: 3 hours

Cost: £60

The ultimate self development course.

Learn how to make lasting positive changes in an easy and relaxing way. This course will teach you the art and science of hypnosis and show you how to use it to improve your daily life.

Enjoy creating your own happiness using methods which you can adapt to suit your changing needs.

Length: 20 hours across 3 days

Cost: £300



Anxiety Reworked

Learn to master your anxieties in a friendly group setting. Participation is optional and you can bring a friend along for support.

Length: 4 - 9 hours

Cost: from £60

Corporate Workshops

We also off a number of professional development and corporate workshops for the work place. Visit our Corporate page or contact us for more info.

Various options



Hypnosis is a great method of relaxation. In today's busy world who can say that they wouldn't benefit from a chance to relax and unwind? At our unique Relaxperience sessions you will be guided through a deep relaxation from which you'll awake to find yourself refreshed and rejuvenated.

You are welcome to join one of our open Relaxperience sessions (subject to availability) or why not host your own?

Relaxperience sessions are available for group bookings hosted in your home, at our offices or at a mutually agreed venue depending on your requirements.

Contact us to arrange a booking. Subscribe to our mailing list to hear about upcoming open sessions.

Relaxperience sessions last 1.5hours  

The cost of these sessions vary depending on location and numbers, please contact us to discuss your needs.


Discounted prices are available for some charities, community groups and other organisations.
We also offer a bulk booking discount.
Contact us to find out more.

Stress Management

Do you find yourself suffering from high levels of stress? Stress can impact your life in many negative ways at work and in your personal and family life. Mind Affinity's Stress Management workshops can help you understand the nature of stress and give you the tools and techniques you need to manage it positively.

Stress is a great motivator and can be a really positive influence in your life when you have the knowledge and skill to use it to your advantage.

Personal Stress Management sessions last 3 hours.

Courses run at our office cost £60 for an individual.

Flexible options are available for group bookings and other locations.


Anxiety Reworked

Anxiety can be very difficult and the idea of improving this in a group situation may sound daunting but our course is designed to work around those concerns. If you are interested in this course, we will contact or meet with you (at no charge) to discuss how it works and if it's right for you. You are invited to bring a friend along for the first part of the workshop for support (at no extra cost). The workshop is divided into 3 parts, If you wish to leave at any time before the 2nd part you will not have to pay. So if you don't feel comfortable once the course starts you can change your mind without being out of pocket.

One of the benefits of our Anxiety Reworked course over traditional therapy is that you have the opportunity to put what you learn into action in a social setting and see the improvement instantly. That, and the free biscuits, makes this course ideal for anyone ready to take that first step toward improving anxiety.

Anxiety Reworked lasts 9 hours.

£100 (or less)

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