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Duncan Price | 07840 829 758 | Duncan@MindAffinity.co.uk
Northampton based Hypnotherapy and NLP
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Corporate Minds

Inspired staff create inspiring results.

Stress Management


Many companies and organisations are working with restrictive staffing budgets, it makes sense - it's important to reduce costs where possible but are you getting the most out of the staff you do have? The three best ways to reduce staff costs are to:

increase productivity, improve retention and reduce absence.

These three things all improve when your staff feel valued and happy. So how can you improve that without a huge investment? Teach the staff how to understand, manage and actually embrace and benefit from the everyday stresses of a modern work environment. Our stress management workshops will do just that and we have options to suit your business needs including single one hour courses, weeklong courses, regular short sessions.There are flexible options so that we can find what will work best for you business. call now to discuss what will work best for your business or organisation.


We offer many other workshops and talks tailored to suit your business needs, from a brief session on productive thinking to a full team-building weekend that will leave your team motivated to work closer than ever before. Contact us now to discover how we can build the right plan together for your needs.

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Workplace Stress Management
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Building Professional Relationships
Managing Expectations