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Hey fellow 4Netter!
I joined 4N back in 2017, Joined a team before I even signed the joining paperwork and have been involved ever since. It wasn't long before I became and Area Leader and the a Regional Leader.

In my time as a member I have presented countless 4Sights on a whole range of topics and received a lot of great feedback.

I love 4Sighting because it gives me an opportunity to really add some value and give back to the members of the network which has played a pivotal part in the growth of my business.


The following is a list of 4Sights have been adapted to work online too. Along with graphics and videos for you to use in promoting your meeting when I'm 4Sighting. I'm also keen to create more talks based on what the members need, so if you have any mindset-related subjects you are looking to cover, let me know. :) 

Don't Pay Attention To This Title!

a 4Sight on the impact and importance of positive language

I Don't Belong Here!

How Long Can 40 Seconds Last Online?

Is online networking working for you yet? Duncan shares tips on how to get more from networking and how to FEEL good doing it.

How Long Can 40 Seconds Last?

How To A.C.E. Your Life

The 6 areas of focus that will help make your life ACE!

How To ACE Life

I Don't Belong Here!

Understanding imposter syndrome and how to turn it into a positive.

I Don't Belong Here!

The Positive Coronavirus Survival Guide

Staying calm and positive and finding/creating benefit from this uncertain time.

CV Survival

I have a number of other talks available too graphics and videos will be made available when booked These include:

Should We Kill Brad Burton

(can be renamed to suit the group) Get to know your fellow networkers better and learn more about how you make decisions in this fun and interactive 4Sight.

Let's Start a Cult!

What can starting a cult teach us about business and ourselves? Come and JOIN US for an "unusual but insightful" 4Sight. 

What is Hypnosis

Duncan expels the myths and preconceptions about hypnosis while sharing experiences from the last 14+ years.

Sleep With Duncan :o

Duncan shares his top tips on how you can get to sleep easier, sleep better and get back to sleep faster if you do wake up.

Duncan Price | 07840 829 758 | Duncan@MindAffinity.co.uk
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