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The mind is an amazing thing! We, as humans, can be really resourceful when it comes to finding new, creative way of using that power to hold ourselves back and get in our own way! 

Imagine how much easier and more enjoyable life would be if we used that power to move forward instead and achieve great things. YOU are the biggest obstacle to your own success (whatever that success looks like to you).

A great example of this is Anxiety. If you've experienced anxiety you will have experienced your mind working powerfully 'against' you. The most common response we have to anxiety is to fight against it but in reality that just fuels it more and makes it worse. It's tiring!

A lot of past clients have gone through the NHS for support which helped them to understand it better but then they found themselves even more frustrated understanding it but still "not able to change it". Leading them to beat themselves up more, often worsening the problem.

Who knew that helping someone who overthinks to think about it more could possibly make things worse‽ 

But there is another way... Together we can help you to embrace the powerful part of your mind which is creating that problem for you and actually work WITH it, using that creativity in powerful ways to actually get you to where you want to be. click HERE to find out more.

Who is Duncan Price?

Duncan Price is a hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and mindset coach. For over 14 years he has helped people to achieve their potential, initially focusing on fears and phobias, stress and confidence. In that time he has discovered a passion for helping people turn the anxiety around and learn to succeed 'with' it rather than against it.

Were you always this confident?

This is a question I get asked a lot. the answer is both yes and no.

NO: Despite speaking confidently to large crowds in many different settings, this has not always been the case. I've suffered horrendous stage fright in the past and allowed a lack of confidence to get in the way of many potentially amazing personal experiences in the past.

YES: However, in overcoming that I came to realise that confidence isn't some evasive skill or trait that needs to be learned. It's something we ALL have. We just learn to put things in the way of it. There's lots you can do to rediscover and reconnect with that confidence - and it's a lot of fun too!

Individual Therapy

One-to-one sessions specifically tailored to empower YOU as an individual to overcome barriers and enjoy positive change.

Here's what previous clients have to say:

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Duncan is top of his game and a genuine pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend his services highly enough from my own perspective on top of those I know who have worked with him in the past. If I could score over 5 stars I would. Thank you for all your help.

Duncan Price | 07840 829 758 | Duncan@MindAffinity.co.uk
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